Brotherhood logo on a dark blue background


Refreshing the identity of a Canadian capital management firm

Scope of work

Brand Refresh
Brand Identity




Brotherhood is a Canadian capital management firm that deals with ensuring maximum efficiency in a companies cash flow.


This project goal was to refresh the logo and create a memorable identity that communicated Brotherhood is a Canadian company without using something cliche (a maple leaf, CN Tower, etc.).


I removed the drop shadow and redrew the symbols' shapes to make it more modern and versatile. The new colour palette is sourced from the Canadian bills giving personality to the brand and making it look/feel more approachable.

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Brotherhood logo animation
old Brotherhood logo vs the new Brotherhood logo
Brotherhood symbol grid
old Brotherhood symbol vs the new Brotherhood symbol
colour meaning behind the Brotherhood symbol
Brotherhood brand elements
Brotherhood stationary
Brotherhood white board room
Brotherhood logo colour variations
Brotherhood credit cards
Brotherhood logo on a dark blue background