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Nova (formerly Polar) is the leader in Social Display Advertising. Providing creative automation for agencies, brands, ad tech platforms, CTV providers, and retail media, allowing them to repurpose social creative to run programmatically, at scale, on the open web, in mobile apps, and on CTV.


When Polar first came to me, they had two sub-brands offering the same product but targeting two different target markets, creating internal and external confusion. As a result, they needed a strategy that clarified the brand hierarchy, purpose and positioning.


The solution started with consolidating the two brands into one (Nova). This clarified the brand hierarchy and provided a scalable foundation for the company. Then together, we created a meaningful brand narrative that connected their purpose to their primary customer types and their needs. With the brand narrative established, I crafted a new visual identity. Considering the ad tech space is overly saturated with the typical blue brand colour, we leveraged a bold pink primary colour to help them stand out and differentiate from competitors. While having a secondary blue colour to stay familiar with the old brand and the competitive landscape.

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β€œKaejon is a thoughtful, thorough, talented, and professional designer. He was integral to a major rebrand and web relaunch initiative we undertook in 2022. His dedication to understanding the primary goal of a project and ensuring the output meets those goals, falls within scope, and is executed effectively was top notch and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

β€” Drew Muldowney, Marketing Director at Nova