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Rebranding an online logo maker to become a full graphic design platform

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Looka (formerly Logojoy) is an AI-powered graphic design platform that guides you through designing a custom brand identity. This includes your logo, business cards, fonts, colors, website and everything you need to launch your business in style while being self-sufficient and executing on your vision.


When Logojoy launched in 2017, its product offering was only logos. The company quickly expanded and started to offer websites, business cards, and social media assets. The name Logojoy was limiting by having the word “logo” within the company name. Keeping the same name would only hold back the company from expanding beyond logos. The company needed a new name and brand that would support them in reaching that next level of growth.


The solution started with in-depth brand and competitive research to find a new name. The Looka team and I chose the name Looka because it is short, easy to spell, hard to mispronounce and did not limit the brand from offering new products beyond logos. While subtly communicating what industry the product is in.  After choosing the name, I crafted a brand strategy to position Looka as the graphic design platform that delivers a customized branding solution at a highly accessible price point. Using the brand strategy, I developed a flexible and distinctive brand identity system to express the brand's new personality and help them be distinctive.

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“Working with Kaejon was an absolute pleasure. You rarely come across someone so passionate about the quality of their work. I was impressed with Kaejon’s ability to focus on the “why” and the end results, both of which can be hard to find in creatively-inclined folks. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with Kaejon.”

— Dawson Whitfield, CEO at Looka

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